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statement, education
statement, education


"I work in art since 1980 and I'm changing the media, the supports and techniques, depending on each project.
My artistic practice is located at the intersection of drawing, photography, video, new media, installation, visual-poetry, artist's books and research of the relationship between images and language as symbolic productions.
The exploration of hybrid forms, the vision and the production process spanning several disciplines and distances between past and present, the analogical and the digital.
In my projects incorporate texts as "repentismos graficos", text fragments, quotations out of context from different sources, and original photography, and recreation of fragments of previous own works. Work using everyday images, rescuing preview images, simple objects, exploring the dark places of the unconscious, controversial concepts, and stories often hidden behind in what surrounds us."
1988 Bachelor of Visual Arts. National Professor of Visual Arts. National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón, Buenos Aires.

Exhibitions, Awards, honors, Works in public collections, bibliography
Exhibitions, Awards, honors, Works in public collections, bibliography


My works have been exhibited and published in America, Europe and Asia, in institutions such as the University of Valencia, Argentina Society of Plastic Artists of Buenos Aires, the Opera House in Sydney, Australia, the Art Center Citizen Kanazawa, Japan, the University Museum Alicante, the Bangkok Regional Office of The Rockefeller Foundation, the Center for Contemporary Culture, the Department of Artistic Expressions of the University of Panama, the Museo Social Argentino in Buenos Aires, the Provincial Museum of Quilmes in Argentina, the Museum of Buenos Aires Modern Art, the Museum and Historical Archive Cabildo de Montevideo in Uruguay, the Centre d'Art Santa Monica in Barcelona, and in many galleries.

They are in private and public collections in Argentina, Spain, Canada, Panama, Australia, Italy, Germany, France, UK, Japan, Sweden, USA, Mexico, Netherlands, Belgium, among others

Studio, collaborations, Curation and Management
Studio, collaborations, Curation and Management


Design, art and programming, to full realization of projects.
Design and production of events for organizations, institutions, galleries, entertainment and recreation. (exhibitions, screenings, presentations)

Member of GEIFCO (Group of Studies and Research of contemporary phenomena).
ActionArt editor, magazine and file performance, and urban art.
Collaborative EAC, Encounters with Contemporary Art.
ArsNexus contributor, Cultural Association.
Director of red03 Art Gallery.
redpoint artists residencies Coordinator Coordinator

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