Mutando la percepción

Mientras miro un trozo u otro de pared, en una u otra calle, pienso en como detrás de una capa de pintura hay otra, y otra, y otra…

Los referentes históricos, los eternos referentes, los parámetros conocidos, se resquebrajaron, y se van “descascarando”, van dejando entrever lo que hay detrás.
Al principio, sentí un poco de vértigo. Aunque pensé que me encontraba ante otra oportunidad de cambiar el punto de vista. Mutar la percepción.
Aceptar el vacío que dejan las estructuras desgarradas, derrumbadas, inoperantes, inútiles u obsoletas.
Y sólo entonces, hay sitio para intuir lo nuevo.

Barcelona, 2016


What inspired the work?
The landscapes of the streets.
What do you expect your viewers to feel / think?
I do not expect a closed answer, since I myself find different levels of reading in each painting.

In the last years I’m experimenting with different ways of working, different ways of moving the body on the surface, different attitudes in front of the canvas. Trying to unify my mind with my feelings and my body.
Mutating the perception
While looking at a piece or another wall, in one street or another, I thought of how behind one layer of paint there is another, and another, and another …
And in us, how the moral, social, political, economic, and aesthetic parameters are “peeling away.” And at first, I felt a little dizzy. And I thought I was facing another chance to change my point of view.
To mutate perception.
To accept the void left by torn, collapsed, useless or obsolete structures.
And only then, is there room to intuit the new.

Time is an articulator of consciousness.

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